Be A Contribution Before Anything Else


Current paradigm of success, unfortunately still widespread, is to win and gain as much as you can without considering any consequences as a result of our activities. Whether on people around us or our environment.

Most of us usually notice the big effects. But only a small number of us notice the small things. And we all know the secret is most often in noticing the small things. So please pay attention to them.

Pay attention to the way you communicate with your colleagues or messages you actually send to our customers with what you say or do. It is rare to pay attention to the effect each thought and word have. Our actions start with an emotion, then feeling and thought, expressed into words or not, it would be quite important to pay attention to those details.

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

Dalai Lama

Kindness doesn’t cost us anything. It requires a little conscious effort and when implemented in our lives, in time, it has a tremendous effect. Like a butterfly effect, it spreads within us, among our colleagues, and even in the outside world. It is one simple way to contribute to everyone and create a safe and caring culture.

It builds positive energy, everyone feels appreciated and opens space for a deeper, and a bit challenging, way of communication. The truth.

We are not quite used to telling the truth to others. Telling the truth in a workplace can get you fired, right? Telling the truth can put you in an unfavorable position? But we also have to ask ourselves, are we open enough to hear the truth? And learn something about ourselves we maybe didn’t realize before? The truth requires us to become vulnerable. One thing is certain – everything good, including the success we want to achieve stems from vulnerability. Creativity, innovation, feedback, problem-solving, joy, and love have a foundation in vulnerability

“If you’re not willing to fail you can’t innovate. If you’re not willing to build a vulnerable culture, you can’t create. It’s that simple!” Brene Brown 

That implies that the other side, the side of keeping quiet, is a place where frustration and anger flourish. It is a place where toxic and destructive energy thrives. Is that something we want to share every day? Is that something we want to contribute to?

By removing shackles of fear and implementing kind and open communication, non-judgemental listening to others we set grounds for a better work environment. It then becomes a thriving space where new, good things are a real possibility. We spend around a third of our lives in a work environment. Wouldn’t you want to spend them in such an open and caring space rather than a toxic one? Not to mention the influence it has on our private life.

All it takes to contribute is a bit of conscious effort, noticing small things and talking about them.   

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