Vanja Andric
Founder @Supremeanim

Supremanim is a blog where I express my views on impact innovation and the future of business in general. I intend to share expertise and hopefully help a new generation of founders make fewer mistakes while building their heart-based companies.

For the past 12 years, I’ve worked with a number of companies, founders, and across several industries. Most of my focus was on getting early-stage startups off the ground. Achieve growth and create enduring companies. I can help with:

  • Pitch and Investment Readiness
  • Creating and executing growth strategies
  • Creating and executing communication strategies
  • Custom-designed workshops with founders and teams
  • Product-led growth

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I love working on impact and sustainable solutions. Delivering meaningful change through innovation, kind communication, and deep relationships. Heart-based businesses are here to stay. Conscious leaders and companies are a new normal.

We are living in a connected system. My perspective comes from personal growth and research of the subconscious. I love observing subtle dynamics of the Universe and integrate them into each project I’m working on.

Current and past projects I’ve worked on:

Accelerators and startup programs:

You think I can help you? Get in touch for a free consultation.